Montford Park Moppets announces Embracing Boundaries Intimacy Workshop

The Montford Moppets Youth Shakespeare Company announces “Embracing Boundaries: An Inclusive Workshop on Consent-Forward Directing, Working with Minors, and Demystifying Intimacy in Theater” for local directors, artists and theater administrators. Embracing Boundaries is a one-day workshop on being a consent-forward director, working with minors, and dispelling common myths surrounding intimacy in the theater.

Saturday, January 13, 2-5pm

Attic Salt Theatre
2002 Riverside Drive Suite 42-O
Asheville NC 28804

Intimacy education expert Sami Mills will guide participants through essential techniques for fostering a safe and respectful environment in your theater. Participants will discuss the nuances of directing with consent and will gain valuable insights into when and why hiring an Intimacy Director is crucial for your production.

This workshop is open to individuals of all levels of experience. Interactive exercises will be offered on an opt-in basis.

Elevate your artistic practice and contribute to a culture of respect and integrity in the arts.

Cost: Sliding scale, $15-$100

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