The NCTC Board of Directors is elected by the membership to oversee the organization. Board members are leaders in the NC theatre industry who volunteer their time to NCTC as fundraisers, advisers and advocates. Board members look forward to visiting NCTC member organizations and seeing your performances! If you would like to add our board to your Opening Night invitation list, email and we’ll provide a mailing list.

Stacey Boone

Theatre Arts Educator
Jay M. Robinson Middle School

“I serve on the NCTC board because I need to give back to this organization that means so much to my theatre experience. I’ve grown as an educator and an artist because of NCTC and I feel compelled and honored to give back.”

Donna Bradby

Executive Director
Touring Theatre of North Carolina

“Young theatre artists need a place to belong and life-changing experiences. NCTC is a dynamic organization that specializes in supporting young people, amazing teachers, and theatre across the state.”

Jenny Goodfellow

Theatre Arts Educator
Charlotte Country Day School

“NCTC is not just an association; it’s a community of passionate individuals committed to fostering a love for theatre and empowering the next generation of artists. “

Karli Henderson

Davidson College

“I believe in the power of theatre to create conversations around difficult ideas and to provide an opportunity to observe underrepresented stories. For the ability to tell these thought-provoking stories to persevere, the support and advocacy of organizations like NCTC is essential.”

Sidney Horton


“NCTC has been a part of my life since 1979. It’s my honor to give back to an organization that has done so much to support my work as an actor, director, artist, and educator. No matter where you are in your theatre career, NCTC has a program to support your journey.”

Ashley Hyers

Theatre Arts Department Chair
Greensboro College

“I am proud to be part of a group that encourages young students to be involved in theatre, that helps high school students find a college program, that offers programing for professional and community theatres, and that advocates for all theatre groups.”

Emily Klingman, Secretary

Theatre Arts Educator
Lake Norman High School

“I love how NCTC serves and uplifts the theatre community in our state. We are theatre education, theatre professionals, and advocates for the arts.”

Ron Law, Vice President

Director/Arts Advocate

“Advocacy, Connection, Education. The three major reasons I have dedicated so much time to the work of NCTC.”

Corey Mitchell

Founder and Artistic Director
Theatre Gap Initiative

“NCTC plays a crucial role in the development of young people by providing a platform for artistic expression, entertainment, and cultural enrichment. NCTC is truly a game changer for thousands of young people that lasts a lifetime.”

Judy Osborne, President

Arts Advocate/Director
Southern Pines

“I joined NCTC because it provided the professional development and network of other theatre teachers that I desperately needed. Because of NCTC, my students and I pushed each other to reach for and to achieve excellence. I serve and support NCTC because I am so grateful for all that NCTC has given me and my students.”

Tommy Prudenti

Special Programs Manager
Blumenthal Performing Arts

“NCTC is the ‘gold standard’ of an arts-centric service agency and I see, very often, how much the meaningful and intentional work impacts students, educators, and theater enthusiasts all over our state.”

Mia Self

Assistant Director
NC State University Theatre

“NCTC advocates for and centers the experience of the audience member. We ardently desire every North Carolinian have access to the beautiful and life-affirming experience of theatre going and everyone who desires can learn about or participate in theatre making on an educational, community, or professional level.”

Stuart Spencer


“Serving on the NCTC board allows me to give back to an organization that, every year, supports thousands theatre students, educators, professionals, and future arts leaders in North Carolina. North Carolina is lucky to have such an active and effective advocacy organization.”

Keith Taylor

Theatre Arts Educator
Weaver Academy

“As a theater teacher I relish the chance to share with my students the many other talented and creative theatre programs and students from across our state. We love the challenge of play festival and the celebratory spirit of all NCTC events.”

Jackie Timmons

Director of Marketing & Development
Theatre Charlotte

“NCTC is the glue that holds the theatre community in NC together. In addition to providing vital advocacy and resources, NCTC brings all levels of theatre together to support each other, learn from each other, and grow together.”

Dan Treharne

Theatre Arts Educator
Shelby High School

“I believe in and work for NCTC because it allows everyone in our industry, from students to teachers to professionals, to connect to the wider North Carolina theatre community.”

Rich Whittington, Treasurer

Assoc. Vice Chancellor of Advancement

“I fell in love with NCTC’s mission to strengthen NC’s vibrant theatre industry and engage tomorrow’s artists, audiences and advocates. I believe as a theater community we are stronger when we work together for the benefit of all.”