Asheville Community Theatre seeks Director of Finance

Director of Finance – Full Time – $52,000-$63,000

Job Description Summary:
A full-time position with responsibility for all functions related to managing the financial and administrative operations of Asheville Community Theatre (ACT), which is a non-profit community theatre, while supporting the fulfillment of the theatre’s mission and vision. This position will report to the Board of Directors and will work with the Finance Committee, which is overseen by the ACT Board of Directors.

Duties and Responsibilities:
o Develop long-term financial models and regularly monitor financial performance of the organization.
o Participate as a critical role of the ACT Leadership Team, ensuring cost effectiveness and efficiency in delivery of ACT’s financial strategy.
o Support ACT’s Leadership and the Board of Directors by preparing financial materials for presentation and discussion at monthly ACT board meetings, monthly ACT Finance Committee meetings, and other meetings as needed. This includes operations and capital financial management oversite and report preparation (cash flows, bank recs, monthly analysis of spending/income, etc.)
o Oversee financial management and controls, including the development, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the annual operating budget; analyze and report on weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually the financial condition as needed from ACT Leadership, ACT Board of Directors, or the ACT Finance Committee, to support effective ACT operations.
o Monitor investment portfolio as appropriate and bank balances for monthly and annual reporting.
o Provide strategic guidance regarding the related policies and procedures necessary to manage ACT’s financial and administrative operation.
o Work with ACT Leadership and staff members to track and maintain accurate accounting of revenues and expenditures.
o Manage and reconcile all bank accounts and financial transactions, including the theatre’s business spending and credit cards.
o Provide financial reporting for the purpose of grant applications and other development activities; prepare project budgets and financial reports for funders.
o Ensure auditor prepares federal tax filings (Form 990).
o Responsible for ACT’s taxes (1099, sales tax receivable, etc.)
o Serve as liaison to outside auditors. Prepare all audit materials for the annual audit.
o Update and maintain records, record book, bylaws, resolutions, minutes of ACT Board meetings, employment policies, etc.
o Maintain corporate filings (business licenses, etc.)
o Ensure legal and regulatory compliance as it relates to the financial affairs of the nonprofit theatre.
o Operate, prepare, and oversee payroll for ACT.
o Maintain QuickBooks, pay bills, make bank deposits, and process credit card deposits.
o Collect and file new hire paperwork for all employees, setup hourly/salary employees in payroll.
o Operate and oversee insurance claims, including workers compensation, etc.
o Contract development (writing contracts and agreements, creating templates, etc.)
o Loan management and reporting.
o Order scripts and licenses for all shows; monitor and ensure all rehearsal materials are received on a timely basis.
o Coordinate computer/technical support for One Click Fix (computer networking service).
o Facility Management, specifically in contracting and payment of facility needs.
o Negotiate vendor contracts (all insurances, equipment rentals, etc.)
o Ensure legal and regulatory compliance as it relates to the financial affairs of ACT as a nonprofit theatre.

Professional Qualifications:
o A bachelor’s degree in accounting or business and/or equivalent course work, or professional experience
o A minimum of five years of nonprofit accounting and/or general business experience, preferably in the performing arts.
o Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (especially Excel) and QuickBooks accounting software.
o Experience with payroll management.
o Experience with development and implementation of annual budget, employee management and negotiation of contracts is considered a plus.

Key Technical Skills and Knowledge required for this position:
o A strong understanding of finance and accounting, including cash flows, profit and loss (P & L) statements, annual budgets, payroll, statistics, and general finance reporting.
o A strong understanding of the major areas of theatre: marketing, fundraising, finance, production, and human resources.
o Negotiation skills
o Excellent written and verbal communication skills
o Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.

Interpersonal Skills and Competencies for this position:
o Committed to the mission and vision of Asheville Community Theatre (ACT)
o Self-motivated, honest, thoughtful, and composed
o Exceptionally detail-oriented and the ability to focus on large concepts and strategic issues.
o Able to navigate through diverse and sometimes competing priorities.
o Collaborative and collegial in work relationships and able to work independently with limited direct supervision.
o Solid work ethic and management of workload
o Good understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and community.

To apply, send resume and cover letter to: