Matthews Playhouse seeks Assistant Technical Director and Master Carpenter

General Information 
The Assistant Technical Director/Master Carpenter will report directly to our Technical Director and/or Production Director, and will be responsible for the building, construction and some technical aspects of productions. Duties include taking an active role as carpenter, painter, and rigger during work calls. scene shop maintenance, scenic storage organization, working with other shop staff and volunteers. This job requires knowledge of carpentry and building tools and skills, implementation of building plans and schematics and self-starting on various aspects of the role. Additional duties include being “on-call” (on site) for technical rehearsals and performances as arranged by the Production Director. 

The Assistant Technical Director/Master Carpenter will be eligible to take on additional scenic, lighting, and sound design positions throughout the season, which are paid as a bonus at the completion of the production. 

This role is expected to work: 

● Approximately ~40 hours per week 
● This position is a full time, salaried position. Range: $36,000-$40,000 annually
● Matthews Playhouse will withhold all necessary local, state and federal taxes.
● This position will have the same vacation schedule as other staff and sick time as necessary. Vacation weeks are as follows: July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year (2 weeks), Easter/Spring Break. Staff members may work one of these weeks in exchange for a different time off in the year so long as it does not interfere with a current production. 

Further Job Responsibilities and Details: 

Shared responsibilities with Production Manager 

1. Upkeep, cleaning, and organization of the scene shop, scenic storage (“the cage”) and furniture storage areas. 
2. Work with the scenic designer to ensure that the set is built to specifications in a timely and safe manner, staying within budgetary and labor hour constraints. 
3. Create necessary technical drawings to assure quality results.
4. Attend and run load-in and strike. 
5. Determine deconstruction or storage of set pieces prior to strike.
6. Has secondary approval of all scenic designs, with the ability to suggest modifications of designs as necessary for effective safety, budget, or time management. Production manager/Technical Director has final say on designs, approvals and suggested modifications. 
7. Work with production manager to assure quality results, especially with regards to time (labor hours) and budget. 
8. Attend all scheduled production meetings 
9. Attend pre-tech runs throughs, technical rehearsals, and dress rehearsals as needed
10. Be “on call” and onsite for shows 
11. Act as emergency run crew substitute as needed 
12. Provide maintenance as requested by the production manager or artistic director during the run of a production. 
13. Acquire materials as necessary (i.e.: lumber runs, unloading materials, etc.) 14. Maintain a safe working environment at all times, and in all facilities; including but not limited to: the design & implementation of overhead rigging systems, automation, structural design of scenery, enforcing of applicable fall protection, and upholding basic fire and building codes – for both productions & work calls. 
15. Inspect, maintain, and make requests for necessary repairs and purchasing of shop tools as needed. 
16. Report on building progress made and adherence to the production schedule.
17. Notify production manager when materials need to be purchased (ie: running low on wood, need special hardware items, etc.) 
18. Attend and participate in all scheduled work calls (as carpenter, rigger, painter, etc), unless other arrangements are made to have a work call covered in advance. 
19. Attend staff and board meetings.

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